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  • 2022-09-23

    10KW Off-grid Solar System Case Study Cameroon
    This Cameroon based 10KW solar plant project designed and manufactured by SunMaster. We first got to know how much power of the load, then did the solar panel capacity calculation and connection and batteries capacity calculation and connection, finally finished the solar charge controller selection so that we can perfectly complete this project and get compliments from Yaouba, Project and Construction Manager.
  • 2022-09-11

    UNHCR project in Sudan Solar Street Light 30W
    SunMaster installed the excellent solar street lights for Sudan town area lighting. We built a cheap custom design based on a client's budget, needs and performance requirements. Working closely with our partners in Sudan, SunMaster has successfully delivered reliable and affordable solar street light.
  • 2022-07-15

    SSL Case Study in Kuwait
    SunMaster helped Kuwaiti Ministry of defense finish the construction of the outdoor lighting facilities for two roads of Salem Air Force Base in Kuwait. We are responsible for the design, supply and installation guidance for full sets of solar street lighting with GPRS control system in how the End-user can control the lighting by one click and even more to monitor the status of each component in the lighting system.
  • 2022-07-08

    Undp Togo Project
    They designed a special solar street light: the pole not only mounted with led street light, also with industrial level 4G WIFI router and the socket with five USB charger ports. STL08 series solar street light by SunMaster applied in this project to convenient local people life. While the extremely lack of local power, product installation of our off grid solar LED lights will save the government considerably in utility and maintenance costs for the next ten years.
  • 2022-07-01

    Saudi Arabia Hawiyah-Haradh Highway
    To install solar lighting systems that are independently powered, SunMaster provided the local government agency with an advanced smart control system. In the process of site survey and configuration calculation, we did an outstanding job to provide a most economical solution with reliable quality. At the same time, SunMaster also guaranteed optimum light distribution without dark spots.
  • 2022-06-30

    Nigeria Various Road in Lagos
    As lighting manufacturers virtually non-existent in Nigeria and the west coast of Africa, SunMaster with local company handles both the physical and technical aspect of the installation projects. From the site survey to configuration calculation, we made an outstanding job for customer to ensure lighting requirements were met with the most economical solution, while simultaneously guaranteeing optimum light distribution with no dark spots. With our Saudi Arabian partners, SunMaster has successfully delivered reliable and affordable solar street lights.






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