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Undp Togo Project

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Location: Various location throughout TOGO,Afrcia


Project Quantity: 10,000units

Products Used: SunMaster STL08 Series solar LED street lights

Project overview: This is special designed solar street light for UNDP aid project, the pole not only mounted with led street light, also with industrial level 4G WIFI router and the socket with  5 USB charger port. It brings great convenience for the inhabitants

Project Specification:


Solar Panel


Mounting Height

Operation profile: Dusk to dawn

As 10 years solar street light manufacturer, SunMaster never stops the effort in research and develop of  new technology.

Except the 170lm/W outstanding bright luminous efficiency, SunMaster successfully combined the surveillance camera, 4G WIFI technology and smart charger in the light pole.

With the abundant technology background, when UNDP released the massive 10000 units solar street lights with high technical requirement, SunMaster naturally came out as the tender winner.


Owns manufacturing plants with a total area of 8,000 square meters with multiple workshops for production of solar panels, LED lights and the relative parts. SunMaster have an month manufacturing capacity of 5,000units solar street lights. After win the tender, SunMaster devoted to the manufacturing strictly according to the UNDP’s specific requirement and completion deadline requirement.

The installation was completed by our local partner with the surveillance of SunMaster engineer.

STL08 series solar street light was applied in this project. The 240W solar powered LED street light is able to produce 12,500 lumens, which is the same lighting that would be produced with a standard 120~150W HPS grid-tied fixture. This 95W light fixture is powered by 240 W solar panel, with 300 Ah battery backups. Integrated with 4G WIFI router and smart phone charger module, the intelligent solar street light provide much more convenient life for the inhabitants in Togo. The 10000 units of solar street light were installed in various places of TOGO.


Because of the extremely lack of power in Togo, the installation of these off grid solar LED lights will save the government considerably in utility and maintenance costs for the next ten years! The savings from switching to solar will be pumped back into the infrastructure building of Togo. With over ten years experience in the solar lighting area, SunMaster's team of engineers have again proven their ability to provide reliable solar LED lights with competitive prices, outstanding customer service, and design expertise. It’s SunMaster’s great honor to become UNDP supplier.







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