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Saudi Arabia Hawiyah-Haradh Highway

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Location: Hawiyah-Haradh,Saudi Arabia

End user: Saudi Arabia Government

Project Quantity: 718 Units

Project Scope: Solar LED Street  lighting for a government agency Highway

Products Used: SunMaster STL08 Series solar LED street lights

Project overview: This is first installed independently powered solar lighting system for this government agency, this project used advanced smart control system to maximize system light output and reduce the total number of systems required. By using solar, no trenching/cabling required, saving money on materials and installation costs, and freedom from fluctuations in grid power

Project Specification:


Solar Panel:240W

Battery:150Ah * 2 pcs

Mounting Height:9m

Operation profile: Dusk to dawn

With over ten years experience in the solar lighting area , SunMaster's team of engineers have gained excellent design expertise.From the site survey to illumination render simulation to configuration calculation,SunMaster made an outstanding job for customer.


Our solar street lights were chosen for this pilot project because we offered very competitive rates compared to traditional grid-tied lights. We worked relentlessly to ensure  lighting requirements were met with the most economical solution, while simultaneously guaranteeing optimum light distribution with no dark spots.


SunMaster provided a turnkey solar lighting system - which includes a 95W LED fixture that produces 15200 lumens -with the optimal configuration of 240 W solar panel 300 AH battery. The mounting height is 9  meters. The system will provide lighting equivalent to a regular 350W HPS grid-tied fixtureand affordable solar street light. Totally  718 units are currently being installed at Hawiyah-Haradh Highway in the  far east land.


Working closely with our partners in Saudi Arabia, SunMaster Solar lighting Co.,ltd has successfully delivered reliable and affordable solar street light. Totally 718 units are currently being installed at Hawiyah-Haradh Highway in the  far east land.


Officials are very happy with the light output and quality of the system provided, and SunMaster is currently in the process of providing hundreds of more solar lighting systems for the country!







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