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UNHCR project in Sudan Solar Street Light 30W

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Location: Sudan

End user: UNHCR in Sudan

Project Quantity:  160 Units

Project Scope: Solar LED Street light for town area lighting

Products Used: SunMaster SLD12 Series solar LED street lights

Project overview: Street-lighting is critical component for the future development of Africa. Unfortunately, more than 75% of African population live without public lighting. Solar powered streetlight poles can be a viable and cost-effective solution to solve this problem. Solar Street light poles will provide security, promote safety, and allow businesses to operate for longer hour.

Project Specification:


Solar Panel:125W


Mounting Height:6m

Operation profile: Dusk to dawn

As a famous solar LED street light designer and manufacturer in China, SunMaster defeated the peers and won the UNHCR public lighting project in 2018. There we installed the excellent solar street lights and following pictures are shared to you.

SunMaster provides a more cost-effective solution by supplying quality components that will last, reducing installation costs and also requiring less maintenance over 3 to 5 years. Standard full 3-year product warranty with option to extend to 5 years. Most of our designs are up to70% local content. We can also build cheaper custom designs based on a client’s budget, needs and performance requirements.


SunMaster provided a turnkey solar lighting system - which includes a 30W LED fixture that produces 4800 lumens -with the optimal configuration of 125 W solar panel 120 AH battery. The mounting height is 6 meters. The system will provide lighting equivalent to a regular 100W HPS grid-tied fixture

Working closely with our partners in Sudan, SunMaster Solar lighting Co., ltd has successfully delivered reliable and affordable solar street light. Totally 120 units are currently being installed in Sudan for this UNHCR project.

Officials are very happy with the light output and quality of the system provided, and SunMaster is currently in the process of providing hundreds of more solar lighting systems for the country!  






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