SM-650~670M12 Standard PV Module

As a rising star in the PV industry, Sunmaster will follow a strategic plan to obtain all certifications by 2023. Sunmaster not only pays attention to product quality, pursues the international market in terms of mold and market position, but also ensures the high quality of products. We have factory certification, international product certification and most market certifications.
Product Description


Maximum Power(Pmax/W):650~670

Open Circuit Voltage(Voc/V):45.35~46.15

Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp/V):37.76~38.48

Short Circuit Current(Isc/A):18.23~18.43

Maximum Power Current(Imp/A):17.22~17.42

Module Efficiency(%):20.9~21.6

Power Tolerance:0~+5W  

Standard Test Condition(STC):Irradiance 1000W/m²,Cell Temperature 25℃,Air Mass1.5 

Sunmaster is a superfine Standard MONO PV module manufacturer.

superfine Standard MONO PV module

Advantages of our product

l  Energy saving: Using solar panels is the most popular way to reduce energy costs and clean the environment. By using solar panels, it helps to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and has a positive impact on the environment.

l  Easy to clean: Most panels can be cleaned with water and cloth without other maintenance. Most dust can be removed with a simple wipe.

l  Environmental protection: The solar energy absorbed by solar panels is clean energy, and its utilization will make people gradually abandon traditional power generation methods and turn to environmentally friendly and pollution-free solar power generation.

Product packaging

l  We pay great attention to packaging our products in an environmentally friendly way. Our packaging is designed to ensure that your product is not damaged in transit and can be used normally.


l  Q:What is the production capacity of Sunmaster solar panels factory?

A: The monthly production capacity of Sunmaster exceeds 10000W system power. It can be seen that our products are well received by the market. For details, please visit our official website.

l  Q:How is the aftersales process?

A: Our team is always available for specific questions related to the projects we deliver. We provide a service to answer product questions and also provide specific information for your reference.

l  Q:What is the maximum power output and the efficiency of the PV modules?

A: The maximum power output of SM-650~670M12 standard photovoltaic modules is 650Pmax/W~670Pmax/W, and the efficiency is 20.9%~21.6%.

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