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Sunmaster welcomed the visitors of Municipal Bureau of Commerce.

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Under the leadership of our chairman, the leaders visited our exhibition hall and workshop successively. Firstly, they visited our latest solar panel series products. The production line of this product has been very mature, and the raw material processing and processing and assembling technologies have obtained a number of patents, which is one of our best-selling product series at present. Sunmaster solar's solar system series include off-grid solar system, on-grid solar system, solar system, and solar system. solar systems, grid-connected solar systems, and commercial solar systems. Not only can they meet the needs of many different applications, but they are also able to adapt to the climate of most countries and regions in terms of product quality and technology. Therefore, Sunmaster's solar energy systems have been in actual use in more than 100 countries around the world.

After that, the leaders came to our conference room and listened to the report on our enterprise development, core products and culture construction, and gave high praise to the company's loving action and brand development initial intention in fulfilling social responsibilities. At the same time, they fully affirmed Sunmaster's development trend in the solar industry and expressed that they would always care and support our company's work. The support and affirmation from the leaders made our company feel warm and proud!

During the seminar, Sunmaster chairman said: In the post-fossil energy era, the new energy strategy of each country has been upgraded to a national strategy, and Sunmaster's mission is to make more advanced energy storage and application technology benefit residents in all regions of the world, to protect human life and health and to improve the quality of life of people around the world by using innovative environmental protection technology.

Sunmaster will not forget the original intention, continue to move forward, become bigger and stronger, become a quality and warm enterprise, and strive to be the industry leader.

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