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Sunmaster Secures Large-Scale Solar Street Light Project in Zambia

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Taking a significant stride in sustainable development and green energy, China's Sunmaster, a leading manufacturer of solar panels and solar systems, inked a deal last month with the Zambian government for a large-scale solar street light project.

Committed to promoting the application and popularization of clean energy, Sunmaster's collaboration with the Zambian government further attests to their global leadership in the renewable energy sector.

The Zambian government's choice to partner with Sunmaster aims to provide an environmentally friendly, economical, and durable lighting solution for its urban and rural areas. Solar street lights not only reduce reliance on fossil fuels but also offer longer and more stable illumination.

Sunmaster expressed that they will leverage their expertise and experience in solar technology to provide high-quality products and services for Zambia, ensuring the smooth progression of the project.

For Sunmaster, this project signifies not just a commercial success but an important step in promoting global sustainable development and environmental consciousness. We look forward to seeing more such collaborative projects propelling the world towards a greener, more sustainable future.

This milestone partnership of Sunmaster sets a new benchmark in the global renewable energy industry and provides a tangible green development model for Zambia and other developing countries.







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