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China-Ethiopia Economic and Trade Fair

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This month, the "China-Ethiopia Economic and Trade Fair" co-hosted by the Commerce Bureau and the Consulate General of Ethiopia was successfully held at the Civic Center.

Ms. Xu, the president of CCPIT and ICC, gave a speech first, welcoming the visit of the Consulate General of Ethiopia, briefly introducing the economic and trade cooperation between the city and Ethiopia in the fields of trade, investment and tourism, and hoping that both sides will strengthen communication, deepen mutual trust and win-win cooperation. At present, there are already dozens of local famous enterprises investing and building factories in Ethiopia.

The Consul General of Ethiopia introduced the country's economic development status, the new government's economic reform and development strategy, trade and investment environment as well as the characteristics and investment opportunities of textile, leather, pharmaceutical, agricultural products, tourism, energy and other industries, and answered in detail the questions on investment protection, investment attraction, anti-epidemic and quarantine raised by the participating enterprises in the interactive session. Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa with a broad market and a strong economic complementarity with our city. In recent years, it has made efforts to develop its economy, with a 2-digit GDP growth rate and rapid growth of foreign direct investment, and has become a hotbed of investment in Africa, while China is its largest trading partner, largest engineering contractor and main source of investment.

More than 20 entrepreneurs and representatives from China's foreign trade, tourism, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, biomedicine, information technology and other fields attended the meeting. Through this fair, the understanding of our enterprises to Ethiopia's business environment was enhanced and a solid foundation was laid for further promoting mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of investment and trade.

Sunmaster, as a solar system manufacturer that has already had several project experiences in Ethiopia, will also follow the footsteps of the government and continue to increase its investment in Ethiopia's graduation.

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