4-in-1 Series Micro-inverter Solar System

In the C&I applications, Sunmaster introduces systems from 50Kw up to 2Mw solar power systems. Moreover, we introduce customized solar systems based on the consumption of the end user, doing the design using PVsyst and Sketch Up. And all the accessories to be installed rooftop or ground mounting depends on the project specifications.
Product Description

Brand: Sunmaster

Model: 4-in-1 Series

Micro-inverter: 1200W/1600W/2000W

Solar Panel: 375W*4pcs/500*4pcs/625*4pcs

Data Transfer Units: WiFi-MODEM

Mounting Bracket: Tile Roof, Tin Roof, Flat Roof, Ground,Pole Mounting Structure, Carport (Customized Optional)

Accessories: Connector, Cable(Optional)

Sunmaster is a high-quality micro-inverter solar system manufacturer.

Advantages of our product

l Strong security performance: A quality solar power system is a high-performance, reliable power source. With an automatic shutdown function, our product is not damaged due to overloading or overheating. So, your equipment and you are protected from any hazards.

l Stability: Our solar system could store high-quality energy in large quantities and releases it when necessary. So that even in rainy weather, our solar energy system can run stably.

l Environmental protection: Solar panels do not emit any harmful gasses or produce toxic waste, making them a great alternative to standard fossil fuel-based energy sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas. By converting sunlight into electricity, solar panels protected the environment to a great extent.


Product packaging

l We have the experience and expertise to carefully handle your shipments and make sure that customer satisfaction is never compromised. We take great care in maintaining an efficient distribution network and a strong line of communication with our customers.


l Q: What certifications does Sunmaster have?

A: Sunmaster is ISO9001 certified. The products are CE, RoHS, and SGS SonCap certified. And Sunmaster's strategic plan is to get all certifications before the end of 2023.

l Q: How is the Presales process?

A: Our solar panels for sale meet the needs of all categories of consumers. We will provide comprehensive pre-sales services, and we will promptly answer all your questions about our products before purchase. At the same time, we will do full market research and constantly improve our products to meet the needs of the public.

l Q: Is the sample available and free?

A: Sample will charge cost, but the cost will be refunded after the bulk order.







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