1-in-1 Series Micro-inverter Solar System

We design and install solar energy systems for your home, business, or farm. Our latest technology is designed to make better use of clean, sustainable energy sources to provide people with a high quality of life. Moreover, we introduce customized solar systems based on the consumption of the end user, doing the design using PVsyst and Sketch Up. Calling us will take you one step closer to a better future.

Product Description

Brand: Sunmaster

Model: 1-in-1 Series

Micro-inverter: 600W/700W

Solar Panel: 375W*1pcs/430*1pcs

Data Transfer Units: WiFi-MODEM

Mounting Bracket: Tile Roof, Tin Roof, Flat Roof, Ground, Pole Mounting Structure, Carport (Customized Optional)

Accessories: Connector, Cable(Optional)

Sunmaster is a superb micro-inverter solar system manufacturer.

Advantages of our product

l Strong security performance: Our solar power system is a high-performance, reliable power source. With the automatic shutdown function, the product is not damaged due to overloading or overheating. So the safety of your equipment and your workers is ensured.

l Stability: A solar system can store a large amount of energy reserved for emergency use. It can also release stored energy at any time, so the system remains stable even if it rains or at night. Solar energy is the most suitable renewable energy for people.

l Environmental protection: The Solar Hybrid System is a complete solar power system that helps reduce greenhouse gases, so it helps to protect our environment. What’s more, the system harnesses the sun’s power to produce clean electricity, keeping the air clean for us.


Product packaging

l We pay great attention to packaging our products in an environmentally friendly way. Our packaging is designed to ensure that your products are not damaged and can be used normally during transportation.


l Q: What is the production capacity of Sunmaster solar panels factory?

A: Sunmaster produces more than 10,000 products every month. It can be seen that our products are well received by the market. Please visit our official website for details.

l Q: What certifications does Sunmaster have?

A: The company is ISO9001 certified. The products are CE, RoHS, and SGS SonCap certified. Please check our company's official website for the details. There are many certifications, welcome to visit our official website, and you will get more information about them.

l Q: Will panels still charge on cloudy days?

A: This will also depend on the conditions. If it is cloudy and overcast, likely not. If it is cloudy and bright still, then it probably will charge but it won't be very much.

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  • Q What if my home’s electricity needs change over time?

    SimpliPhi’s batteries are uniquely modular and scalable. That means your energy storage system can be sized to match and optimize your electrical loads as your home, family or lifestyle changes. If your energy usage increases with time you can easily and seamlessly add more PHI batteries to your existing storage bank.
  • Q Can SimpliPhi ensure my medical devices won’t lose power?

    A Absolutely. When it comes to critical medical equipment, such as respirators, C-PAP machines and more, power security is essential. With a SimpliPhi back up system in place, you can be confident that your health and well being will be continuously protected in the event of a power outage or emergency. Very often, a whole home system is not required. SimpliPhi also offers mobile, plug-and-play emergency kits that provide power wherever you need it.
  • Q How long can SimpliPhi batteries power my home?

    It depends. Every SimpliPhi storage system is sized to match the electrical loads you determine are critical to maintain either during a power outage or if off-grid, during a 24-hour timeframe in conjunction with your PV or other generation assets. Our applications engineers work with licensed installers to size the battery bank to meet your electrical requirements, no matter what the use case, on-grid or off.
  • Q I have solar on my home. Why would I need storage?

    For grid-tied homes with solar arrays, most customers don't realize that when the grid goes down, the PV array goes down with it. Having PHI batteries allows your home to "island" from the grid in the event of a power outage, keeping your PV generation available to charge the batteries as well meet the electrical loads required to power your home.
  • Q Does SimpliPhi offer a Powerwall alternative?

    If you are looking for an Energy Storage System (ESS), SimpliPhi’s AccESS offers homeowners a better choice. With a built-in-inverter, the system is 100% plug-and-play making installation incredibly simple. SimpliPhi batteries can also be charged from any source - solar, wind, a generator or the grid. Most importantly, unlike the Powerwall, SimpliPhi AccESS’ LFP lithium ion chemistry contains no cobalt. This means that there is no risk of overheating or toxicity so that AccESS can be installed indoors or out, and requires no thermal monitoring or cooling equipment - which can be both expensive and space intensive.
    I don’t have utility service for my home. Can SimpliPhi help?
    When it comes to off-grid power, SimpliPhi has brought electricity to homes ranging from Governor Brown’s ranch in California to remote villages in Chile. Read more about our off-grid capabilities.

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