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About SunMaster

SunMaster factory and offices are located in Zhejiang/China, we have branch office in Milan/Italy. In China, we have totally 10,000 m2 facility. We have our own workshop for led street light and solar panel. In the solar panel workshop, we have 6 encapsulate machines 6 automatic welding machine and 5 professional test room. In the led workshop, except the automatic assembly line, we also have spectrum test machine, aging process test equipment ,and chip test equipment etc.
Our monthly capacity is between 8000sets solar light monthly.
Besides our production ability ,we also have strong ability in the project design and tender support. We have rich experience in UN tender. We can support our cusomer in tender documents presentation and staff training.
Please check the next pages to see our factory photos and our project case.

Our Vision

 Become the most respected international clean energy enterprise.
The respect of employees comes from the people-oriented management concept and the sense of pride and satisfaction brought to individuals based on the status of enterprises in society.
The respect of partners comes from the development concept of equality, honesty, sharing and win-win.
The respect of the society comes from the concern of the industries that we are engaged in, which are related to the national economy and people's livelihood, the environmental protection, the contribution to the regional economic development and the good corporate personality.
Being respected by the industry comes from the company's healthy and rapid development, excellent operational performance and harmonious competition concept.

Our Mission

 Provide efficient clean energy and services, and continuously improve human living environment.
Mission is our responsibility.
What we are engaged in is fundamentally to promote the construction of ecological civilization and leave a sustainable ecological earth for future generations.
Every specific work done by every Shante is an integral part of this great cause, and is contributing to changing the future destiny of mankind.

SunMaster Story

With fast industry growth-rates, Our economy has been too dependent on fossil fuels, resulting in increased CO2 emissions worldwide which have further accelerated climatic changes at an alarming speed. The increasing serious environment pollution require renewable energy like waterpower, biomass heating, wind turbines, tidal power and, last but not least, solar technologies

Another side, there are still 1.6BN people live in darkness, having no access to electricity. Typically in rural areas around the world where there are no reliable energy sources. Once it becomes dark, all activities come to a complete halt due to a lack of adequate lighting

Electricity from the sun is a versatile technology that can be scaled up from small to large applications. The modular nature of solar technology enables us to construct distributed electricity-generating systems in increments as demands grow, to improve supply reliability, and to moderate distribution and transmission costs. And because sunlight is widely available, we can build geographically diverse solar electric systems that are less vulnerable to international energy politics, volatile fossil-fuel-based markets, and transmission failures.

A main advantage of the PV-cell technology and LED technology is the fact that they can easily be combined, because the voltages produced by PV-cells and the LED load-voltage can be matched. These systems are highly efficient without additional voltage transformation stages. Today, LED-Solar systems are used in street-lighting, residential lighting where no or poor mains are available, and in mobile lighting systems, e.g. the World Bank’s Lighting Africa initiative supports providing light to underdeveloped regions

Founded in 2006,the “SunMaster solar lighting” aims at design, create and engineer solar powered products that can perform in the most extreme conditions bringing the ability to have light at night and to power communication so necessary for localised economies. Our development teams ensure our products are made to the highest standards with strict quality control systems throughout the development and manufacturing process. our vision is making clean solar energy accessible,affordable and a viable option for all and proving cost-competitive sustainable energy solutions to all our customers.We would be
delighted to receive your feedback about SunMaster or tell us how we can improve our products and service.You are also welcome to join to SunMaster network
Yours Sincerely

Steven Zeng
General Manager

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