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During the day, under light conditions, the solar system generates a certain amount of energy, which is then stored in the solar cell arrays, making the voltage reach the system input voltage requirement. The battery is then charged by the charge/discharge controller, and the electrical energy converted from light energy is stored. At night, the battery bank provides input power for the inverter, and through the role of the inverter, the DC power is converted into AC power and delivered to the distribution cabinet, which is powered by the switching role of the distribution cabinet. The discharge of the battery bank is controlled by the controller to ensure the normal use of the battery.

Low impact on the environment

Solar energy produces no greenhouse gases, 
does not pollute water, and does not make any noise.

Low energy costs

Generating your own electricity means reducing your expenses on energy purchases. 
In addition, you can earn money by selling the unused electricity you generate back to the grid.

Solar Energy is Everywhere

Solar energy can be deployed anywhere there is sunlight. 
In addition, solar energy is used to power spacecraft and ships.

Solar Energy is Everywhere

Solar energy can be deployed anywhere there is sunlight. 
In addition, solar energy is used to power spacecraft and ships.


  • What if my home’s electricity needs change over time?

    SimpliPhi’s batteries are uniquely modular and scalable. That means your energy storage system can be sized to match and optimize your electrical loads as your home, family or lifestyle changes. If your energy usage increases with time you can easily and seamlessly add more PHI batteries to your existing storage bank.
  • Can SimpliPhi ensure my medical devices won’t lose power?

    Absolutely. When it comes to critical medical equipment, such as respirators, C-PAP machines and more, power security is essential. With a SimpliPhi back up system in place, you can be confident that your health and well being will be continuously protected in the event of a power outage or emergency. Very often, a whole home system is not required. SimpliPhi also offers mobile, plug-and-play emergency kits that provide power wherever you need it.
  • How long can SimpliPhi batteries power my home?

    It depends. Every SimpliPhi storage system is sized to match the electrical loads you determine are critical to maintain either during a power outage or if off-grid, during a 24-hour timeframe in conjunction with your PV or other generation assets. Our applications engineers work with licensed installers to size the battery bank to meet your electrical requirements, no matter what the use case, on-grid or off.
  • I have solar on my home. Why would I need storage?

    For grid-tied homes with solar arrays, most customers don't realize that when the grid goes down, the PV array goes down with it. Having PHI batteries allows your home to "island" from the grid in the event of a power outage, keeping your PV generation available to charge the batteries as well meet the electrical loads required to power your home.
  • Does SimpliPhi offer a Powerwall alternative?

    If you are looking for an Energy Storage System (ESS), SimpliPhi’s AccESS offers homeowners a better choice. With a built-in-inverter, the system is 100% plug-and-play making installation incredibly simple. SimpliPhi batteries can also be charged from any source - solar, wind, a generator or the grid. Most importantly, unlike the Powerwall, SimpliPhi AccESS’ LFP lithium ion chemistry contains no cobalt. This means that there is no risk of overheating or toxicity so that AccESS can be installed indoors or out, and requires no thermal monitoring or cooling equipment - which can be both expensive and space intensive.
    I don’t have utility service for my home. Can SimpliPhi help?
    When it comes to off-grid power, SimpliPhi has brought electricity to homes ranging from Governor Brown’s ranch in California to remote villages in Chile. Read more about our off-grid capabilities.

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