On-grid solar power system

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On-grid solar power system

Type 1

Tin roof

Type 2

Tiled Rooff

Type 3

flat roof

Type 4

Ground installation

Type 5


The high-performance solar solution

The SunMaster Plus monocrystalline module offers high-output

performance for ground-mount installations. Available with industry-

leading 1500V UL/IEC rating, the SunMaster PLUS is perfect for

solar projects with limited acreage, as its top-end efficiency and

high power density is built to maximize energy output in limited

space while withstanding challenging environmental conditions.

Super Large 5-inch LCD

Wide Range of Output Voltage

IP65 Dustproof and Waterproof

30% Lighter

PV Combiner box

serving as the “meeting place” where the wiring

from array series strings come together in parallel
connections, surge protective device
Circuit breaker  and fuse board included.


MC4 Connector

Installation Tool kits

Lightning Protection device

APP Connection





Saudi Arabia



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Model Daily power Generation (PTC) Solar Panel Inverter DC input power(W) Inverter output power(W) Array Area Efficiency DC port cable AC port cable
SMSH-1KW 6 kwh 250W 4PCS 1KW 1KW 6.5m2 97.8% PV1-F 1*4mm2(30m) YJV-3*2.5mm2
SMSH-1.5KW 9 kwh 300W 5PCS 1.5KW 1.5KW 10m2 97.8% PV1-F 1*4mm2(50m) YJV-3*2.5mm2
SMSH-2KW 12 kwh 250W 8PCS 2KW 2KW 13m2 97.8% PV1-F 1*4mm2(50m) YJV-3*2.5mm2
SMSH-2.5KW 15 kwh 250W 10PCS 2.5KW 2.5KW 16m2 97.8% PV1-F 1*6mm2(50m) YJV-3*2.5mm2
SMSH-3kW 18 kwh 300W 10PCS 3kW 3kW 20m2 97.8% PV1-F 1*6mm2(80m) YJV-3*2.5mm2
SMSH-4kW 25 kwh 300W 14PCS 4kW 4kW 28m2 97.8% PV1-F 1*6mm2(80m) YJV-3*4mm2
SMSH-5kW 30 kwh 250W 20PCS 5kW 5kW 32m2 97.8% PV1-F 1*6mm2(100m) YJV-3*4mm2
SMSH-6kW 36 kwh 300W 20PCS 6kW 6kW 39m2 97.8% PV1-F 1*6mm2(100m) YJV-3*6mm2
SMSH-8kW 48 kwh 250W 32PCS 8kW 8kW 52m2 97.8% PV1-F 1*6mm2(150m) YJV-3*6mm2
SMSH-9kW 54 kwh 300W 30PCS 9kW 9kW 59m2 97.8% PV1-F 1*6mm2(200m) YJV-3*8mm2
SMSH-10kW 60 kwh 250W 40PCS 10kW 10kW 64m2 97.8% PV1-F 1*6mm2(200m) YJV-3*8mm2
SMSH-12kW 72 kwh 300W 40PCS 12kW 12kW 78m2 97.8% PV1-F 1*6mm2(200m) YJV-3*10mm2
SMSH-15kW 90 kwh 300W 50PCS 15kW 15kW 97m2 97.8% PV1-F 1*6mm2(250m) YJV-3*14mm2
SMSH-18kW 108 kwh 300W 60PCS 18kW 18kW 117m2 97.8% PV1-F 1*6mm2(300m) YJV-3*16mm2
SMSH-20kW 120 kwh 250W 80PCS 20kW 20kW 128m2 97.8% PV1-F 1*8mm2(350m) YJV-3*16mm2

DC input parameter AC output parameter
Maximum DC input voltage(V) 600 Rated output voltage(V) 220/230
MPPT operating voltage range 80~550 Output voltage frequency(Hz) 50/60
Starting voltage(V) 120 Power Factor ~1(0. 8 lead ~ 0. 8 lag adjustable)
Rated input voltage(V) 360 Current total harmonic (@rated output) <3%
MPPT number of branches 2
Number of MPPT input channels 1
effectiveness Basic parameter
MPPT efficiency 99.90% Operating temperature(℃) -25~+60
Relative humidity 0~100%
Working altitude(m) ≤4000
protection cooling method Natural heat dissipation
Anti-island protection integrated Noise index(dB) <25
Input reverse connection protection integrated Human interaction LCD & LED
Insulation resistance detection integrated communication RS485 Or Wi-Fi Or GPRS
Residual current detection integrated Size (width * height * thickness)(mm) 347*433*145
Output overcurrent protection integrated IP IP65
Output short circuit protection integrated Night loss(W) <1
Output overvoltage protection integrated Topology No transformer